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☀The undead were once-living creatures, now animated by spiritual or supernatural forces.[1]The term undead refers to all creatures or entities that function normally despite having terminated life functions. Most commonly known as zombies orghosts, undead beings are most typically mindless, bloodthirsty fiends hostile toward any living thing that comes across their path.

The undead have appeared all throughout Azeroth, most commonly in nature as revenants or wraiths. They were used as a combat tool during the First War when the necrolytes of the Horde learned to animate corpses as skeleton warriors in their fight against the Alliance. Later, the studies of the necrolytes developed intonecromancy, the form of magic used very heavily in the Third War when the Cult of the Damned spread thePlague of Undeath across Lordaeron. The Music Boosters will meet on Tuesday, September 15th in the High School Band room at 6:00 pm instead of Tuesday, September 8th.  New members are welcome! ey. what's up? What kind of stuff do you like? what kind of movies do you like? weuobgjwebjl. 9w7ugfbwek. once upon a time, teen chat was good. then weirdos, creeps, and pedophiles showed up and polluted the place.

The town was a little different from the other sleepy and unpretentious coastal communities you past by on train—a little larger and more prosperous due to the a number of now-defunct sardine and squid canning factories now a fashionable shopping precinct, brimming full with restaurants, mariner souvenir shops, and antique stores. However, far from the historic district frequented by tourists, there were isolated side streets untouched by the forces of gentrification and commercialization. One such place sat squeezed between two clapboard shops-- a tall, narrow, slate-roofed building, lichened and weather-stained, with its windows heavily coated with grime. A sun-bleached signboard swayed slowly above the front door. It was carved in the shape of a smiling sea serpent bearing a banner in its mouth that read in faded rainbow-colored letters: THE CHEERFUL DRAGON’S ANTIQUES AND BOOKS.

9th & JV Football @ MOC-FV 9/14/15

<time>Sep 8 2015</time> - District News

The 9th & JV doubleheader football game originally scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2015 starting at 5:00 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. has been changed.  There will only be one game played and it will now be played as a 9th/10th grade game starting at 5:00 p.m. in Orange City.  There will be NO JV game played on this date.

Welcome to the Sergeant Bluff-Luton Middle School! The Sergeant Bluff-Luton Middle School serves approximately 385 students in grades six through eight. We provide a strong curriculum based on the Iowa/Common Core guidelines, opportunities for advance/accelerated classes in many subjects, as well as access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Project Lead The Way (STEM), as well as many other opportunities to meet our student needs. In addition to a strong curriculum, we offer our students numerous opportunities in extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. The middle school staff consists of 1 Principal, 27 certified educators, 2 technology directors, 1 librarian, 4 classroom associates, 1 administrative assistant, 2+ custodians, 1 nurse, a kitchen staff of four, and just as importantly, a community that supports our school district!. In addition district staff, we receive professional assistance from the local Area Education Association (AEA) primarily in the area of special education and other specialized services.

As part of our on-going professional development in the ever-changing world of education, administration and staff work collaboratively throughout the year in Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) and conduct regular staff and team/grade level meetings where we are constantly assessing our students needs, ourselves, our data, and our classroom routines. The middle school staff has invested a great deal of time not only into the PLC format but also in Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW), technology integration, differentiation, and ongoing collaboration. We work very hard at Sergeant Bluff-Luton to ensure that every student experiences great teaching EACH day.

The SB-L Middle School offers the following extra-curricular opportunities which are governed by local and state guidelines where applicable. Opportunities for 7th and 8th grade students, per state guidelines, include football, volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, boys/girls basketball, wrestling, track, and soccer. Students in grades 6th-8th can find various opportunities within the fine arts (band and choir) arena, the Archery Club, Fellowship for Christian Athletes (FCA), and Student Council to name a few. Iowa Athletic Association guidelines prohibit sixth grade students from participation in middle school/state sponsored athletics but the Sergeant Bluff Parks and Recreation Department offers a WIDE range of activities for students starting as early as four years old in some area. Fine arts opportunities are available to all students in grades sixth through eighth.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to be actively and positively involved in their child’s education by creating a trusting relationship with staff and administration, and partner with us on this journey. We welcome and respect your input and look forward to the partnership. You can also visit SB-L middle school on Facebook for various pieces of information regarding the Middle School.

It is important to have good communication between home and school. This website is one more way to communicate with you. As we continue to develop this website, look for parent and student links, classroom pages, PTO updates and a Principal blog.

Thank you for visiting the SB-L Elementary website. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our school! (mccrojen@sblschools.comor (712)943-5563) I look forward to working with you throughout this year. My door is always open and I welcome your suggestions. Together we make a difference in the lives of our children.


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