Luminara Unduli is a character from Star Wars. She is a green, humanoid alien, and a member of the Jedi Order. Luminara Unduli was born on the planet Mirial, a cold, dry, and despondent world oppressed by theTrade Federation. Detected to beForce-sensitive, Unduli was taken into the Jedi Order at a young age, and so lived through little of the misery known to most Mirialans.[6]

At the Coruscant Jedi Temple, Unduli received training in the ways of the Force, becoming skilled in manipulating it and honing her skill with a lightsaber. Selected as a Padawan by a fellow Mirialan, as had many other Mirialans for several hundred years,[7] Unduli constructed a green-bladed lightsaber and grew strong in the Force. Upon achieving the rank of Jedi Knight, she dedicated herself to physical disciplines; her patterned tattoos were a traditional Mirialan reflection of this somatic commitment. She trained heavily to improve her corporal prowess, working over the course of years to enhance her flexibility and agility in combat. Adorning in traditional Mirialan robes, Jedi Unduli trained independently as a Jedi Guardian, though she was a skilled and respected Diplomat and adviser to high profile senators in the Galactic Senate.[1]She was also part of the Jedi escort accompanying then Lytton sector senator Finis Valorum to Troiken during the negotiations with Iaco Stark. She then fought against Stark's faces alongside Master Plo Koon there.[8]

Eventually, Jedi Unduli became a Master in the years prior to the Invasion of Naboo.[9] When it came time to select a Padawan circa 28 BBY, Master Unduli selected the young Mirialan Initiate Barriss Offee as an apprentice, continuing the tradition of Mirialans teaching Mirialans.[7]

Around the year 22 BBY, Luminara Unduli and another Jedi Master named Kit Fisto served as Jedi Advisors to the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine,[10] a position that had once been occupied by Master Jorus C'baoth when Palpatine was still the senator of the Chommell sector.[11]