Mendala is the leader of Umkansa village in the northwest of Vaderas Hollow.

Mendala met Able Ryder when Swawta sent Ryder to learn the location of unobtanium shards in the region. Mendala's village, however, was under attack by two RDA soldiers and an AMP suit. Able Ryder aided the Na'vi fighters and killed the soldiers. After the short battle, Mendala asked Able Ryder's help to find Fmilam, the village healer, and return her safely to the tribe. She was seen heading towards the cliffs when she had fled the village. After Able Ryder returned with the healer, Mendala was happy for Fmilam's return and shared his hope that Able Ryder was the First Voice. Mendala asked Able Ryder to see Tsaro who would show Ryder where the unobtanium shard is. He was a bit of a coward.

He is a character from Avatar.