A long time ago, in a place not so far away. Lay a city, so sad and left astray. But there was a day, a magical day. Where a kid almost like any other, had something to say. He told the townspeople, one by one "Come one, come all, come in groups, come in numbers." "I am here to grant you wishes, wishes of many kinds. I can cure sickness and slumbers." "No price is needed, no, no not a coin." "And nothing is sacrificed, so no need to mourn." The townspeople with their heads up high, came to him one by one.  Making wishes left and right. But as always, there was a catch. Something he decided to keep out. For every wish they lose a future child. He chose not to tell them because they'd surely pout. Years later, a guardsman came by to see the mage. The wish maker could see his lust breaking out of its cage. The guardsman spoke to him with a boom in his voice. "I wish to have a wife that I can decide will be a perfect choice." The wish maker nodded and took out his staff. He moved it around a few times with sparks and colors, the wish was made then the guardsman left with a laugh. More time went by and the guardsman's was about to have his first son, but unknown to him he had a curse. The baby, almost like a cannon, exploded with a burst. They mourned and mourned. Little by little, the guardsman and his wife's lives were torn. The wife was still filled with dread. She grabbed a stool and the guardsman watched as her neck was hung by a groups of thread. He held in tears but felt remorse. "I wish it was I who died first."

And then there was a whisper, almost like it was chanted, "Wish granted."